Travel Tuesday – 5 Wild Jungle Destinations

The Petite Passenger

“It’s a jungle out there…”


The world is beautiful, if Planet Earth 2 hasn’t bought that to your attention then nothing will. (If you don’t know what Planet Earth is, it’s an incredible nature documentary that’s insanely popular here in the UK.) 

You may notice my adventures mainly draw me to beaches, islands and crystal turquoise shores. On my latest trip I explored cities with winding canals and stunning buildings. Your ideal holiday destination may look a little different to mine and I know for sure my bucket list is changing all the time.

However recently my Instagram feed has been full of Bali snaps! Plenty of tall palms, never ending rice fields and luscious greenery. Sunday’s episode of Planet Earth 2 was all about jungles and it reinforced that my next adventure around Asia will be filled with visits to these rich and wild lands ~ ethical visits only…

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